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The arena Swim Snorkel Pro II is perfect for competitive swimmers who want to improve their swimming or breathing technique. The hydrodynamic design and the adjustable strap ensure stable fit also at high speed. The swim snorkel enables under water breathing and the athlete is able to focus on the swimming technique and the position in the water. Delivered with two air regulators for different levels of lungs work-out. Due to two different silicone mouthpieces the swim snorkel can be customised for all swimmers. 

  • For a better swimming technique and for breathing training.
  • Extreme stable also at high speed.
  • Inclusive two different mouthpieces and air regulators, adjustable strap for stable fit.
  • Ideal for competitive swimmers.
  • 55% Polyvinyl Chloride, 30% Silicone, 10% Polycarbonate, 5% Thermoplastic Rubber

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